Do you love to be delayed? Then don't read this! Buy the new SMART flightdelay insurance We pay for your delay after 90 minutes


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Behind stands Global Insurance Agency founded in 2014, we operate from Denmark
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You can buy your easydelay insurance on up till 7 days before departure.

It´s easy – there is only a few exclusions on flight delay or cancellation eg.
War, civil war, nuclear, strike, terror, natural disaster and Airline Bankruptcy.

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This is to avoid buying the insurance isn't related to bad weather forecast etc., that way, we can maintain the cheap price for all our customers.

You can only buy the insurance for flights you actually have bought a ticket for, If the flight is delayed and you have the right to compensation, we need a copy of your boarding pass, unless you already have given us the Ticket number.

On your Electronic Flight ticket there is a 13 digits unique number, that´s the Ticket number.

We insure all International flights and domestic flights in USA, we hope to expand with domestic flights in Europe in the near future.

You don´t have to fill any claim – we follow your flight all the way, so when it´s delayed by more than 90 minutes we compensate you, by sending the money to your bank account or credit card within 2 business days - that´s easydelay.

Today 4669 flights are already delayed!

Today 3,773 896
Last week 12,961 4,361
Last 30 days 56,060 21,093