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We make travel insurance easy

Behind stands Global Insurance Agency, the company is founded in 2014 and located near Copenhagen, Denmark - DK-36445319.

Global Insurance makes Worldwide programs for On Demand insurance, our keywords is customer service, InsurTech and execution.
Additionnally we have a Motor insurance program in Denmark for private and Commercial, through our selected car dealers and Insurance brokers.

We are first mover and the first Agency with [instant money back] to flight delay insurance - we automatily pay out to your account if your flight is delayed - that's what we call easydelay !.

The insurance risk is covered by Insr Insurance Group ASA,, a Norwegian insurance company (Insr), listed at the Norwegian stock exchange and member of the Danish warranty fond;

Global Insurance Agency and Insr Insurance Group ASA are approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Danish FSA).

The complaints Officer at Global Insurance Agency is director; Christian Hjort, which can be contacted at

"No delay without compensation"

Today 3417 flights are already delayed!

Today 1,097 2,320
Last week 35,801 32,280
Last 30 days 125,344 155,510